Sunday, December 8


Just random, but

I made a dress out of paper for my classes,
 it's not really wearable,
 but since I think it turned out quite decent I thought I'd share it with you :D

PS:  As you probably have noticed, that's not me....that would be too awesome....T.T
check her out-> randomly found

xo Roxi

Friday, December 6

Tokyo #1/2 - Minato-ku, Shibuya & Karaoke

After the night in Paris, at the airport again, check in, baggage check, etc.
 and finally in the airplan
 it appeared like the airplane had another problem,
u kidding????
but in the end we could still depart with "only" two hours delay -.-''

I have really long legs so I had pretty much  no space at all,
 but luckily I could sleep almost the whole flight besides watching two movies
~~well after two nights with almost no sleep it was just to be expected~~
If you know what these yeollow balls are supposed to be, please tell me, because I don't know^^'

And then... ahhhhhh finally arrived in Tokyo

We got our Japanese phones at the airport and then took the airport limousine to Westin Hotel
 which was the nearest station to Minato-ku where our guesthouse was. 
There we moved on to a Taxi. 
The guy that worked at the hotel was so kind to tell the taxi driver where to go, 
which helped a lot, but we still had some troubles finding our guesthouse
 since there were two houses with the same adresse... 
fortunately the owner told me beforehand which car parks before their door.

We ran the door, but it took a while for them to open up. 
As we got to know later they were partying quite a bit the previous day at their place and were, therefore, still hangover..... 

AIRFRANCE I hzeridfsiuhiojd >.<

We pretty much just took a shower and went out again. Minato-kun is a rather quiet region,
 but still really near from the Center of Tokyo, so I really recommend it.
We had to walk about 10 minutes to Ebisu station, 
 to take the metro to Shibuya, which only takes a minute.
so convenient, I swear >.<

After getting a little bit lost we finally got to Shibuya~

After going around for a bit, Jasmin got hungry so as we kind of were lost looking for a place to eat,
 some random guy came up to us, asking if we were Japanese and needed help.
lol, did the sunlight blend him too much, or did he just ignore the fact that we're black :'
  We ended up going to eat Ramen with him and later did some Karoke. 
Way to start the first day ;D

After going to a cafe, we went back to our guesthouse,  and this sums up the first day in Tokyo,
but like seriously for me, it was just a day were I asked myself every hour
 if I really was in Tokyo and not dreaming  ^-^ 

xo Roxi

Sunday, August 18

Tokyo #0 - Flight Delay in Paris

UHOOOOOOOO finally I start my post series about my trip to Tokyo and Seoul :DD

It all  started the 21th of June
Just like always I finished packing at the last minute even though I made an all-nighter^^'
My mother was freaking flipping xD
Jasmin came to me in the morning and we then finally went with the train to Zurich where we took the plane to Paris \(^.^)/
If you want to know more about our flight plese check this post^^

Goodbye Switzerland :D

 Hello Paris

Everything went great until then, where we first  had a one hour flight delay, and
then had to wait another 2 hours in the airplane just to get informed that the flight has been canceled >.<

They said we'd get directed to a hotel and I swear you what happened afterwards was just so freaking hilarious,
I'm so sad I didn't take a picture T.T
It was a humongous mass of Japanese people trying to find the place where they had to go,
 among them some random small trip leader guys with flags that tried to lead the crowd, 
but they were too small for everybody to see, so they randomly climbed up to higher places.
We were the  number one attraction at the airport xD
When we asked the staff at the airport where to go they would always just say we should just follow the Asian crowd, which saved us in the end :'D

 Ibis Style, the hotel we were brought to was actually quite nice. We got a double room with two beds, the view was great and there was even a TV in the room :O
Even though the food wasn't so good, seeing that the room was so nice I wasn't so pissed at Airfrance anymore >.<

looking supa tired...
If only I could understand french better....and it's not like I had 9 years of french lessons^^'
the bread was the best, the rest was just meeh >.<

I really have to stop spacing out and randomly look out of the window because while eating inside I was doing so and that one guy outside was totally thinking I was checking him out the whole time x'D
Afterwards he and his friend wanted us to join them eating pizza, but we happily declined....:'D

 In the end the all-nighter Jasmin and I had pulled the previous night so we could sleep in the plane had gone to waste, but I still tried my best to stay up the night again.....

This pretty much sums up the first day, nothing special, but still quite a lot happened^^
Day 2&3 will follow soon :D

xo Roxi