Monday, February 4

Asian BB Cream For Dark Skin

Being interested in Asian beauty secrets I discovered the world of BB creams really early, but always thought I could never use them because I've got darker skin. Who would have that that I would wear BB creams on a regular basic now. There still isn't a color range available for darker skin, but I will tell you some tips on how you can make other Asian BB creams work for you ;D Some may think, why not just use western BB creams since they have a wide color range. That may be true, but I still haven't found a western BB cream that can compare even the slightest bit to the Asian BB creams I've tried >.<

MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream No 31 No 27

BB Cream For Dark Skin


This is the darkest shade of Asian BB cream that can be found and my favourite BB cream I've tried so far. It blends and covers really well and has a high SPF. It can work up to a NC 44, if it's applied properly. That means, make sure it's blended out really well. Also, you may want to set it with a more yellow toned powder since the BB cream has a pinkish undertone. If you're a NC 40 or lower you may want to try No. 27 it's more yellow toned, but also lighter (you could also make it match with a darker powder).
Also take into consideration that BB creams oxidize, so even though it may look to light on you when you first put it on, it can match your skin tone perfect after about 15 minutes ;)

I thought this video may help some of you to see the diffrence between the colors (I don't own it) 

Work it in, set with powder

Before I started to use the Missha Perfect Cover, I used the Skin79 Super+ BB Cream Gold, which is literally white! But it still worked. Just warm the BB cream in your fingers and then press it on your face. With your palm press the BB cream into your skin. The key is to use the warmth of your hands. Afterwords set it with a powder that matches your skin color. I recommend this technique just people that are satisfied with a really light coverage since you can't use to much of the product because otherwise the color will show up too much.
BB Cream For Dark Skin
BB Cream For Dark Skin
The color looks really white and ashy unblended
BB Cream For Dark Skin
Blended it looks much better (still a white sheen), set it with a powder and it will work
BB Cream For Dark Skin
For comparison, of course this color matches way better (but can see the pinkish undertone)


Mix it

This is probably the easiest way to come to your color. Just get any Asian BB cream you want and mix it with a foundation or a western BB cream whose color is a bit darker than what you would normally use. This also gives more coverage (if you use a foundation) to people who want or need it, and if you want less coverage just mix it with some moisturizer (You may want to use one that is really simple like the one from Cetaphil). I mix my BB cream with La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo to archive less coverage and a lighter feeling for school days.

Use BB cream as a primer

If you just want to the use the benefits of the BB cream such as scar lightening, wrinkle prevention, sun protection etc., then you could think about using it as a primer under your foundation. I also used to do this with the Skin79 Super+ BB Cream Gold when I needed more coverage, I'd just put my revlon colorstay foundation over it :D

So I hope this helped some of you and if you have any questions don't be too shy to ask ;D

xo Roxi