Wednesday, April 17

Getting Warmer

It's finally warmer outside I'm soo damn happy, and there are only two months left until my Korea and Japan trip YAY :D
 I also got my final exams coming, so I will be very busy :'(
 But I will surely do the review on the hair dye I used to archive my red colour, which I promised you long time ago^^''
 Es ist endlich wärmer draußen, daher bin ich im Moment so richtig glücklich, und es sind nur noch zwei Monate bis zu meiner Korea- und Japanreise YAY : D
 Ich habe aber auch meine Abschlussprüfungen vor der Tür stehen, also werde ich sehr beschäftigt sein :'(
  Aber ich werde sicherlich noch eine Review zum Haarfärbemittel machen, welches ich gebraucht habe, um meine Haare rot zu färben^^

Me camwhoring at school....^.^ You can't see the colour very well, if you want to see it better look at my recent OOTD. And I already cut my hair short because I wanted a change and my extensions just weren't good anymore. I'm getting new one soon, but I just don't know what to do with my hair, go lighter? Darker? If you have an idea please let me know :D
 Ich in der Schule .... ^.^ Ihr könnt die Farbe hier nicht sehr gut sehen, viel besser ist sie auf meinem letzten OOTD zu sehen. Aber ich habe meine Haare schon kurz geschnitten , weil ich eine Veränderung wollte und meine Extensions einfach nicht mehr in guter Verfassung waren.
  Ich bekomme bald neue, aber ich weiß einfach nicht, was ich mit meinen Haaren machen soll >.< 
Heller machen? Dunkler?
Falls ihr eine Idee habt, lasst es mich wissen: D

  I will also do other review about scar fading and teeth whitening and my new diet.
 I really want to look top when I go on holiday ;D
For a little bit I probably also want to match up to my friend who belongs to the most beautiful person I've ever seen :O
(If you read this, I love you  <3)
Ich werde auch eine Review machen zu einer Narbencreme, Zähne bleichen und meiner neuen Diät machen.
I will wicklich top aussehen, wenn ich in die Ferien gehe; )

I want to look into the mirror and be like:
Ich will in den Spiegel schauen, und mich angrinsen können!

But at the moment I'm more like this.....x'D
 I'm wondering whether I'll succeed or not :'D
Aber im Moment seh ich eher so aus...x'D
Ich wundere mich, ob ich das schaffen kann :'D

What kind of spring weather do you have in your city?
Wie sieht das Frühlingswetter in eurer Stadt denn so aus?

xo Roxi

Tuesday, April 16

GEO BC 102 Review

I got the Geo BC 102 a few weeks ago from, compared to other sites the shipping fee is really cheap and you get a free gift, I really recommend buying from them^^
I wasn't sponsored or anything, I purchased them with my own money.
They cost 19.99$ + the shipping 4.50$

But let's get to the review ;)

geo bc 102

Power Available : 0.00 to -8.00
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14~14.2mm
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year
Manufacturer : GEO Medical

Compared to the Geo BC-101 the pattern is a little different and in the whole they are more of a dark reddish brown.

geo bc 102

  I can't remember how long it took until it arrived, but I know it was quite fast.
geo bc 102

 Everything was packed really well. 

geo bc 102

I mean isn't this bunny the cutest thing ever \(^o^)/

geo bc 102

The package came with a free lens case, an eye mask and a hair sheet pack :D
Everything was nicely bubble wrapped, and they even sent a "Thank You" card :O

geo bc 102

Geo BC 102


With Flash  

geo bc 102


Without Flash, Natural Light From The Side

geo bc 102

Without Flash, Natural Light From The Front 

geo bc 102



They are really natural looking, even up close the pattern doesn't look fake. The swirly design makes them blend really well with my natural colour.

If you are looking for a nice brown colour these are perfect for you. It's a really pretty dark reddish brown. If you want something a bit lighter, then try the Geo BC-101, but I really do like this colour shade a lot :D

Since it only has a diameter of 14~14.2 mm the enlargement is quite subtle. But for my eyes more than enough.

They're not the most comfortable circle lenses I have ever worn, but they're definitive not uncomfortable. They tend to dry out a little bit after a few hours, but with some eye drops you won't have any problems.

I absolutely love these! They are super natural and great for everyday wear. For me the enlargement is just perfect, but if you don't have small eyes like me, then you may want to check out the EOS Max Pure Brown, they are bigger in size, super natural and really comfortable ;)

geo bc 102 review
I don't wear any make-up besides the eyes, so sorry about the messy eyebrows :'D

Have you ever tried circle lenses or colored contacts? Which are you favourites?

xo Roxi