Sunday, June 16

On a rainy day in Basel - An einem regnerischen Tag in Basel

These are some picture I took last week when I went shopping in Basel with my friend^^
It was a rainy day, quite depressing looking, so I took mostly pictures of clothes, 
hope you still like them tho ;D

Dies sind einige Fotos, die letzte Woche in Basel aufgenommen hab,
als ich mit einer Freundin shoppen ging^^  
Es war ein ziemlich regnerischer Tag, eher deprimierend anzuschauen,
also habe ich vor allem Fotos von Kleidern gemacht,
hoffe jedoch ihr mögt sie trotzdem;D

awkwardly trying to do some selcas at the train station^^'

YEAH I belong to those people that even take pictures of trash cans if they look nice :'D





Making faces :D Just a Casual OOTD


Peeping on my friend, not a success, but I just love this picture :D

Her answer, love you too <3

I want that white blose >.<

That's it for now :D
Das wars:D

xo Roxi

Saturday, June 8

Why is Kpop Popular ?

If you've ever wondered why K-pop is so popular, then...

1.  Watch this video
 2.  Skip to 3:12

 3.  Enjoy the perfection ;D

4. Watch it again and again and again :D

xo Roxi

Why is Kpop Popular

Tuesday, June 4

Bloglovin & Blog Connect

First of all I want to say sorry for not blogging so often, it seems like I still haven't gotten the hang of it yet >.<

But besides that I just wanted to inform you that it seems like Google Friend Conncet is down for the moment  ( or forvever :S) so I now got myself  Bloglovin and Blog Connect, so you can follow me there^^

Also you may have noticed that I changed the layout:O
I'm still not completely happy with it but I think it's a whole better than before :D
 What do you think?^^

I really recommend this site if you are looking for a nice background ;D

xo Roxi