Tuesday, September 16

Drugstore Haul

Balea Rasierschaum, Essence Silk Touch Blush, Fit Me Powder, Catrice Sun Glow, Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencile, Voluminous x5 Mascara, Ebelin Reiniger

1. Balea Nature Shaving Foam - I haven't tried it yet.

2. Essence Silk Touch Blush 60 Life's a Cherry - A little bit harder to blend, but besides that really pretty.

3. Catrice  Eyebrow Stylist 020 Date with Ash Ton- I like the consistency, but it seems to a little bit too dark.

4. Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder 355 - Use this to contoure and I like it since the powder is really fine.

5. Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof 050, 100, 040 - Love these one.

6. Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder Darker Skin - I can't use this since it's way too reddish for me.

7. L'oréal Paris Voluminous x5 Mascara Extra Black - The best mascara to get lots of volume.

8. Ebelin Cleansing Sponge - I didn't expect it to be so gentle, but I like to use it instead of my Clarisonic.

Also since I haven't done any rambling yet,
I want present you this more than just awesome music video to finish this post.
Watch it or you're definitive missing something!
It's been a while since a saw such a beautiful music video~~
DM Haul

xo Roxi
DM Haul

Thursday, September 4

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour New in Brown Review

Because of my hooded eyes I hardly ever wear eyeshadow on my upper lids, 
and therefore never really bother buying some.  
But the last time I went to the drugstore this colour magically caught my attention 
so I thought I would share it with you.

Da ich Schlupflider habe, trage ich normalerweise keinen Lidschatten 
und kaufe mir daher fast nie welche. Als ich nun das letzte Mal im DM war, 
ist mir der einte Lidschatten jedoch schon fast magisch ins Auge gesprungen, 
so dachte ich, ich würde etwas mehr über ihn schreiben.

Packaging - Verpackung

I actually really like the simple see-through packaging, It can look a bit cheap, but it's actually quite sturdy,
Die Verpackung mag ich ziemlich gut, obwohl sie relativ simple ist.

Colour - Farbe

The colour is absolutely gorgeous! It's like a silvery brown with a rosy undertone
 Die Farbe ist wirklich wunderschön. Ein silbernes Braun mit einem rosigen Unterton.

Pigmentation - Pigmentierung

The pigmentation is really good and not the least bit powdery.
Die Pigmentierung ist überraschend gut und kein bisschen puderig.

Application/Staying Power - Auftragung/Stehvermögen

It's really easy blendable and last for a decent amount of time considering I have really oily lids.
Der Lidschatten läst sich gut vermischen und hält eine angemessen lange zeit trotz meinen öligen Augenlider.

Overall - Insgesamt

 I'm super happy with this purchase. 
The colour is a perfect "rose-gold" for people that suit silver better than gold. 
It's also my second Absolute Eye Colour eyeshadow and I'll probably get more in the future. 
I mean for about 3$ you really can't  complain.

Insgesamt bin mehr als zufrieden mit diesem Kauf. 
Die Farbe ist perfekt für die, die gerne ein Rotgold tragen würden, jedoch Silber für sie passender finden.  
Dies ist mittlerweile mein zweiter Lidschatten von der Serie und ich werde mir höchstwahrscheinlich noch mehr davon kaufen. 
Ich denke für weniger als 3 Euro pro Stück kann man sich wirklich nicht beklagen.

Did you ever try one of these?
Habt ihr schon mal welche davon ausprobiert?

xo Roxi

Monday, September 1

Style Inspiration August - Tokyo Street Fashion

I almost can't believe it's already September :O
I've wanted to do a style inspiration post each month, but I kind OF failed on that one^^'''
But oh well~~
This time I've included my recent picks from my favorite street style snaps site, TokyoFashion.com.
I've alredy mentioned them in a previous post, but I just really like them a lot
and can recommend the site to everyone that loves Japanese fashion or street snaps in generall^^

tokyo street style
I own not even one violet clothing piece, while about two green ones, this makes me want to get more, so chic, especially with all the leather :O

tokyo street style
If I were to look at each piece on its own I would have never guessed they would go so well together, fantastic!

tokyo street style
This is such a pretty casual everyday look. Black, red n white is by far my favorite color combination :D

tokyo street style
I have to buy a white skater skirt asap!! The whole outfit is super cute, but still edgy, love it~~

tokyo street style
I want her hair colour so badly>.<......well and the rest she's wearing :'D

tokyo street style
I saw this skirt on American Apparel, but it's kind of expensive:/

tokyo street style
My favorite *-*

tokyo street style
I don't know if this kind of outfit would suit me, but I just think it looks really good~

tokyo street style
cute, cute cute :D Also love the hair,  I've been wondering if I should get bangs myself>.<

tokyo street style
Another super nice casual look, she looks so pretty, perfect from head to toe :D

tokyo street style
I'm hoping the seashell trend will hit Europe because I seriously love it~~

Which is your favorite?

xo Roxi

Saturday, August 30

Taobao Haul - Cheapagency Review

Yeah I know yet another Taobao haul, but as I mentioned before, 
I really wanted to try a different Taobao agent to get a comparison, so after Cheapagency contacted me, 
I appreciatively took the opportunity.
I didn't get a lot of things, but hope you still like it ;D

Long Hollow Lace Cardigan


Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul
The altered Stylenanda name had me laughing :'D

Taobao Haul
I've been looking for this one on Ebay and Aliexpress, but never found it in the right size. 
The pattern is absolutely gorgeous, so I really like it overall. 
The material is kind of itchy though and it also has some holes, but they don't bother me that much. 

Blue PVC Skater Skirt


blue pvc skirt

blue pvc skirt

blue pvc skirt

Sexy Queen is brand you find on Aliexpress by now, but it's still pricier. 
This is already my second PVC skirt and I absolutely love it. 
Even though it doesn't fall as nicely as my other one, the quality is just lovely. 
However, I wish I had gotten a smaller size, but I just had to worry about it being too short :/

Fake Eyelashes (Top L, Top R, Bottom)


fake eyelashes

I love those eyelashes, I really wish I'd brought more. 
If you have longer eyelashes, then the top lashes are probably too short for you, 
 but the bottom lashes are just amazing, they give such a natural, but flawless look to your eyes.

Oversized Circle Glasses

oversized circle glasses 

I think these kinds of glasses have been around for a while now, so I wanted to give them a try too.
Sadly, even though I spent hours looking for ones in a really big size, the round shape doesn't look very flattering on me. Nevertheless the overall quality is quite nice, so I can still recommend these.

I paid around 10$ per item, which is quite nice considering I would have paid 60$ on Aliexpress for the skirt and cardigan alone^^

Cheapagency  Review

cheapagency review

taobao cost calculator
Cost Calculator

chinese taobao keywords
Chinese Keywords

cheapagency order
Very good site structure as well as a nice chat function

Overall I really like it since none of the things I'd criticized about Taobaoring appeared here. 
 The only things I found a bit bothersome was that you had to add details like colour or size as a remark
 instead of being able to choose options. 
Another point is that you can't pay directly, but have to transfer the money to your account first. 
Also, I wished they would send a notification mail, after all the items have arrived, 
so you know when to choose your delivery options.
But besides that I want to point out some things I really like. 
One of those is definitive the cost calculator that even though it may not be exact 
can help getting an overview of your planned purchase. 
Also the chat option behind every item, makes communication really fast and easy. 
In addition to that provides the site things like weight estimation and Chinese keywords, 
which can make your shopping on Taobao a lot easier. 
Finally the 6% service fee they have at the moment is quite awesome, 
so if you think of ordering a bigger amount you may want to do it now.
I don't think I'll order from Taobao again any time soon, but if I do I'll most likely use this agent again.

 xo Roxi
Disclaimer: Even though I was sponsored, these are all my honest thoughts!

Tuesday, August 19

Product Empties #2

  Finally part 2 of my product empties serie, enjoy!


Estee Lauder Double Wear 3N1, 4C1, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream no 31, Mac MSF Dark, Susie N.Y., Essence Liquid Liner, ELF Eyebrow kit

 1. Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Make-Up (3N1, 4C1) ~37$ 
This was my fist liquid foundation and I absolutely loved it. 
It gives you such a nice coverage without feeling heavy. 
Especially applied with a wet sponge it looks super natural and is perfect for oily skin.
 The reason I don't use this anymore is because they sadly changed the formula to the worse.
 (same happened with the Revlon Colorstay Foundation)
I also can't get my shade in Switzerland anymore since the colors I used before are now way too light on me.

2. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 31 ~22$
My favorite BB cream so far. It has a good coverage, high SPF and is moisturizing. 
If you have oily skin you may want to set it with a powder, but besides that I love it so much.
It's already my third tube.

3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Deep ~32$
The colour was too dark and red for me, but I still liked to use it as a finishing powder.
Compared to other Mac powders, this one doesn't leave you skin looking powdery, 
but instead gives it a nice natural looking finish. 
I can highly recommend it.

4. Essence Liquid Eyeliner in Waterproof ~2$
I think I can't even count on how many times I brought this one. 
I usually don't like waterproof make-up since it's hard to remove, but I don't have that with this product. 
The soft tip makes it really easy to work, it is super black and stays all day. 
For that price it's just amazing.

5. SUSIE N.Y. Soft Styling Expert 01 ~14$
I brought this in Japan last year and sadly can't find this anywhere online T.T
Compared to other eyebrow mascaras I've tried , 
this one actually manages to completely change my black eyebrow hair into a light blonde shade, 
making it super easy for me to match them to my lighter hair.
If you know where to get it, please be sure to tell me!!

6. E.L.F Eyebrow Kit  ~3$
Even though I've been using mostly eyebrow pencils lately, I still think this is a really great product.
Especially when having darker hair brown eyebrow pencils tend to look a little bit harsh on me.
But since the wax in the kit is kind of sheer I can slowly build the colour up without making them too strong.

If you have some more questions about the products, just ask^^
xo Roxi

Friday, August 15

Summer Taobao Haul

Just like I mentioned a while ago I put on a second Taobao order using Taobaoring as an agent again. 
Just like the first time everything went well with no problems, 
so here I am sharing with you my few gets ;D


Taobao Haul
Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

This is a really nice army blouse, it has some threads that look out here and there, 
but overall it's quite nicely made.

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

Love this one, it is super see-through, so it looks amazing thrown over pretty much anything.
 If you are wearing a bit of a low cut shirt, hot pants or just a crop top, this tones down the outfit so fine, 
making it less revealing, but still super edgy looking :D

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

I think this is my least favorite clothes buy, not because of the cut since it falls really nice,
 but rather because of its colour. 
I usually love anything grey, but this is kind of a dirty grey, like it's some kind of faded color, 
you get from washing it over years or by chance putting some black socks to your white stuff in the washing machine :/
 But well that may just be me.
Also, since you can get it in different colours, it shouldn't be too much of a problem for others though^^

Strap Skirt

Taobao Haul
cr. taobao

I forgot to take a picture of this one, but it looks exactly like the picture above.
The reason I put on this whole order was simply because of this skirt,
but I'm really disappointed since it's way too short.
One the site it's says it's 42cm long, but it's only 35cm long :/
 I really can't recommend this useless you are super short..


Taobao Haul

Compared to my last order, I also got some beauty items this time, which are all from the same store.
The blushes and the lipstick are all listed as Stylenanda products, 
but looking at the price they're most likely fake.
I still got them because the colours looked really pretty^^
They also send me a free hair band and a eyeliner, soo nice :D

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

I got those in an orange (#007) and a pink (#003) shade. 
I do like the pink blush a bit better since the pigmentation is really nice and so much better than the orange one.
Although they are a bit harder to blend, colour-wise they are both super pretty, 
so I can recommend them a lot ^^

Taobao Haul

Definitve my least favorite buy, the colour is completely different from what the lipstick looks like, 
almost no colour payoff and doesn't hold any 15 minutes. 
The only positive point is that it's not drying,
 but even with that, the lipstick is just so tiny that it's really not worth any penny.

Fiber Eyelid Tape

Taobao Haul

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but besides my eyelids being quite hooded, they're also uneven, 
so I like to use eyelid tape from time to time, if it really bugs me^^
These are the ones you pull from both sides and then use the string in the middle. 
I was pleasantly surprised on how long these hold up, 
since I have really oily lids and these are no brand ones. 
Totally recommend for those that are looking for some cheap eyelid tap to start with.


Taobao Haul

They don't really protect your eyes from the sun, 
but overall these are super cute and really nice quality,

Transparent Sunglasses

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

I really love these, they are also really good quality and look just so stylish!

Metallic Nail Art Sticker

Taobao Haul

The last thing I got were those nail sheets that you put only your nails to get space-like effects.
 I haven't used them yet, but the colours look exactly like they were advertised online, 
so I like them so far.

I paid around 7$ per item which made me quite satisfied.

And that's it already, I hope you liked it :D

I also got some stuff from Roseroseshop, Vitacost and Aliexpress, 
but I'm not sure if I should do a collective haul yet.
What do you think?^^

xo Roxi