Thursday, May 22

Dresslink Haul & Review

Dresslink Review
 Dresslink is a wholesale online store from China, which sells really really cheap stuff.
I got to know about Dresslink from watching Youtube hauls, 
so after I went there a few times, I finally decided to do a purchase.
I'm not getting paid to do this review^^

I'm the kind of person who looks at online shops for the longest time to not miss anything I could possibly like, 
but after looking at final bill, 
I just delete most of it from my card again.
So after spending multiple hours on that site, I ended up just getting 3 things...
Dresslink Haul

Candy Color Stretch  Skater Mini Skirt

Dresslink Haul
cr to Dresslink (color: sapphire blue)

The skirt is really nice, the color is just so loveable~
The only downside is that it's too short on me.
I have a few asian size skirts, but this is by far the shortest.
(I'm 180cm/5'11'' for those that don't know)
 I may elongate it with some white lace trim, so I'll be able to wear it.

Dresslink Review

Dresslink Review

Dresslink Review

Candy Color Suspender Skirt

Dresslink Haul
cr to Dresslink (color: purple)

This is my favorite buy. I only got compliments when I wore it since it's just so pretty.
The fabric is a little bit special though, it's not soft, but quite fine ... does that make sense?
At any rate it creases.
But for that price you really can't complain.

Dresslink Review

Dresslink Review

Dresslink Review

Dresslink Haul
cr to Dresslink (color: pink)

First of all the color of the tie looks kind of odd, like it had faded away or something.
 And even though it's pretty at first sight, after using it for a few days, 
it's already breaking apart. 

Dresslink Review

Altogether incl. shipping (533g = 5.27$) I paid about 5.50$ per item, which I think is a really good deal.

Dresslink Haul



Final Thoughts

All in all I can say it's worth to pay this site a visit sometime
since they have big variety of cute items with cheap prices.
You just have to keep in mind that you get what you pay for,
so don't be surprised if the items aren't top quality.
Also since the shipping cost is determined by weight,
you will pay a lot more when you buy heavier things like shoes or bags.

In the end I'm mostly happy with the things I brought
and I will definitely get me some more colors of that one skirt.

 A little tip to end this review:
There are always  20% off coupon codes around, so be sure to check those out before you order.

xo Roxi

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