Thursday, May 22

How To Dye Your Hair Grey

Dye Your Hair Gray
grey hair  ye~~~~ah the feels :'D

 GREY HAIR!!! I DID IT \(^-^)/
I have been wanting gray hair for the longest time >-<
 Inspired was I  by Japanese gyaru that like to have grey, or greyish purple hair. 

Dye Your Hair Grey

The first time I tried to dye my hair grey was last autumn,
but I failed completely and my hair came out a greenish brown....

Dye Your Hair Grey
I had to walk around with a hat until the green had faded T.T

As I succeeded now I thought I'd share with you 
how I achieved my grey hair without using any hair dye
YES you read right, no hair dye was used :D

The color I had before dying was a brownish dark blond, so I had to bleach first.
light brown hair with blackish roots
older clip-ins in a light brown shade
new clip-ins in a drak brown shade (by dreamyhairfashions)

You need:
  • 30 Vol Developer
  • Bleaching Powder
  • A Bowl
  • Gloves
  • Aluminium Foil
  •  L'oreal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo
  • A Good Hair Treatment

 I used a 30 vol developer together with bleaching powder, which is quite strong, but bearable. 
Lift your hair color to a (pale) yellow. 
If you start with a dark brown or black, bleach the hair twice.
The mistake I did the last time was probably to not to go light enough.

Since I  failed so bad last time, I wanted to be prepared, but I didn't use most of them :'D I recommend the REDKEN Extreme Streght Builder Plus as a hair treatment after the process, it's a life saver.

allerga natural keratin
This is keratin that I mixed with my bleach, it protects your hair a little  from all  the damage
bleaching powder ration
The mix ration is about 1:2 (Powder:developer)
The blue bleaching powder makes your hair look lighter than it actually is so make a test rinse on one streak before you do everything
bleaching hair extensions
bleached extensions
bleaching relaxed hair
natural hair bleached

 Next, tone your hair with the L'oreal Silver Shampoo.
Leave it in for about 4 hours so your hair will get ride of the yellowness.
After washing that out, towel dry and repeat.
 You will actually have to check for yourself when it's the best time to wash it out,
but keep in mind that after you wash it, put condition in and wash it again,
a big amount of color will get out, 
so it doesn't matter if the hair is a little more bluish to begin with.

L'oreal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo
L'oreal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo
aftet first time toning
how to dye hair grey
after the second time toning
dyeing extensions grey
third time toning
Diarichesse 9.11 Silver Iceberg
my roots didn't take the color of the shampoo at all so I dyed with the Diarichesse Silver Iceberg to get it to a decent shade too ( it's way more grenish than the shampoo, so i don't like it a lot)




and voila grey hair without the use of any hair dye (besides for the roots :'D)
dark skin grey hair
finally gray hair  :D the blueish tint will fade completely after a few washes^^
gray hair
the grey hair looks like a dark grey or light grey depending on the light
Dye Your Hair Gray

How To Get Lavender Hair

If you want to have lavender hair instead of just grey, 
then just leave the shampoo in overnight and it will do the trick. 
It will probably fade back into a grey shade after 2-3 hair washes though.

pastel hair
It's kind of like a lavendel gray depending on how long you let the product sit
 that face yeah...:D

So what do you think? Love it? Hate it?

Also if you have any questions just ask^^

xo Roxi

PS: .....I've been absent for almost half a year (I really can't believe it's been so long)...
 I even missed my 1 year anniversary ...
I'm really sorry guys and thanks so much for being so patient with me. 
I've got so much to catch up on.
As always I want to say I'll try my best in the future, but as I know myself best, 
I should already apologize beforehand.
There were even times when I thought about deleting this blog completely, 
but I just got attached to it a little too much. 
I asked myself if I had to persuade myself to write here, 
but I've come to realize that just like before 
every time I create a new post it really makes me happy, 
so I really want continue and just hope you can stay patient with me a little longer.


  1. Your hair looks so cute like that!

    1. Oh thanks a lot, I also really love it :D