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Dreamy Hair Fashions Review

 I've been wearing clip-in extensions since about 6 years now, 
I sometimes wear my hair shorter, 
but I just find that long hair suits my overall look a lot better. 
I've actually only got to know about virgin hair extensions a few years ago. 
As it's unprocessed you can actually bleach it, which in my case is really convenient 
since I try new colors all the time.
Dreamyhairfashions is a site I just stumbled upon by chance
 and since they had a sale going on I decided to make a purchase.

Description on the site

  • Our hair is 100% Virgin Brazilian Hair
  • Hair Length 12”
  • Natural colour - Natural Dark Brown
  • Minimal to no shedding
  • Tangle Free
  •  Machine Weft
  • 95-100grams per bundle 
  • 3.5-4oz per bundle
  • Cuticle is intact & follows one direction

DreamyHairFashions Review
DreamyHairFashions Review
Dreamy Hair Fashions Review
DreamyHairFashions Review
Dreamy Hair Fashions Review

I got the Bodywave in 28 inches (70cm), so I could cut the ends off if they were no good.
Normally the bundle would cost 78£ (~132$), but since they had a sale I got them for 58£ (~98$) each.

I was pleasantly surprised on how full and soft the hair was the first time I got it, 
normally hair this longs tends to be thinned out, but this was not the case here. 
Also, the luster is really good, not too shiny just right. 
The only downside it had, was that it tangles quite a bit, which can be annoying with hair at this length.
However, if only that was it. The really problem started after I bleached it. 
After the  bleaching the hair started to break off and feel really bad, pretty much like straw,
which I'm really disappointed with. 
Now you may say it's my own fault for bleaching them, 
but I've bleached and dyed my previous extensions multiple times 
and they were by far not as bad as this one! 
I also treat my extension as careful as my own hair,
 but I don't think they will last a long time in the condition they're in now :/


  • Nice color
  • Super soft
  • No shedding
  • Full until the ends
  •  Good Price


  • Tangels 
  • After the hair was bleached
°hair is dry
°breaks off really badly
°lost the softness
°weave pattern completely gone
°tangles even more 

Final thoughts

I'm really sad that I can't actually recommend these extensions to you guys,
 but I'm just so disappointed.
From the three times I had brought virgin hair,
this is by far the worst experience.
However, just because it's like that for me doesn't mean it's like that for everyone
since I could just have gotten 2 bad bundles.
I also think that if you're looking for some cheaper hair extension and don't plan to dye them,
these may work for you..^^

For more pictures on how the hair looks like dyed check this post out ;D

 xo Roxi

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