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How To Order From Taobao - Taobaoring review

I just did this really long post on how to order from Taobao in German
but  if you can speak English it's actually really simple. 

To order from Taobao you have to order through an Agent since Taobao doesn't ship international 
(They do ship to a few Asian countries besides China though)

By now I have ordered from Taobao twice with Taobaoring and had both really good experiences.
Just like other agents you can make your shopping list 
by copying the Taobao link of your choice and adding it in on Taobaoring.

How To Order From Taobao

The product options are nice made and I really like that you can add a remark 
in case you're not sure about something, 
which brings me right to the next point. 
Their answering time is super fast, so if you have any questions 
you really don't have to worry about them not writing back. 

I also really love how they take pictures of your order after they received it, 
so you can contact them if something is wrong.

How To Order From Taobao
These are the pictures from my latest Taobao order, so nice :D

The only problem I had with Taobaoring was 
that you can't see the domestic shipping cost before you send your order. 

How To Order From Taobao

Even though you can still change your order after they sent you the first sum, 
it's kind of annoying to see it just then in case it's really high since  

1. I feel kind of disappointed having to delete things I was really looking forward to
(as I'm the person who really thinks A LOT before putting on an order)

2. I feel kind of bad about changing my order and have Taobaoring check everything again

How To Order From Taobao
I didn't change my Taobao order though I could, but see how the domestic shipping was 6 times the iteam price :'D


  • Nice website
  • fast handling
  • less service charges
  • really good communication
  • take pictures of all the ordered products


  • only converts prices at the end amount
  • no domestic shipping information before order

Final thoughts

I think Taobaoring is especially good for those that order a little bit more 
since their service charges are only 8%  compared to the 10% I've seen quite a few times.
Even though they don't give any domestic shipping information in your cart, 
you can still change your order after they gave them to you, so don't worry too much.
All in all I think I may try another agent just so I can get a comparison, 
but otherwise I recommend Taobaoring to everyone that wants to order from Taobao.

Also if you want to know how I find awesome stuff on Taobao,
comment down below^^

xo Roxi

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