Tuesday, June 17

Style Inspiration June - Jelly, Cancam, Vivi & Egg

 Just a few style inspirations from Japanese magazines
enjoy :D
this is pretty much the perfect outfit, it's cute, classy and feminin, but still quite edgy, I love it!

Gotta love the top left outfit, I wish I had enough confidence to wear pigtails like this T.T Let's also take a moment to look at all those awesome shoes :D

Just love everything about the look, from head to toe~~

I want the shoes and the suspenders, which shoes you ask? All ;D

I actually brought myself such a skirt, but it's too short T.T

Colored eyeliner look - soft brown eye make-up - orange tinted lips - YES!!

this is pretty much my everyday make up look at the moment, just a thin black/brown line, some mascara, highlighter and a coral lip and blush :D
cr. hudie.com

What's your favorite magazine?^^

xo Roxi


  1. Tolle Bilder, ich lese eher Shape & Co, im Bereich Fashion mal die Vogue ;)

    Liebe Grüße,
    Sabine von Zuckermischwerk

    P.S.: Bei mir gibt es aktuell eine Kette von Dare2Style zu gewinnen ;)

    1. Oh vogue hab ich auch sehr gerne, ich finde einfach das zum Teil Zeitschriften in der Schweiz sehr teuer sind, daher kauf ich sie mir nicht mehr so oft :/

      Vielen dank, dass bei meinem Blog vorbei geschaut hast :D

  2. I love these makeup tips! Thank God even the Gyaru makeup style in Japan has started to soften up a bit and is finally going for a less-made up look these days ^.^ My favorite is Ulzzang makeup from Korea. They look so young and fresh all the time :D

    Strawberry Bunny

    1. I totally agree with you, even though I still really love the strong gyaru make up, those looks and especially Ulzzang make up looks are so good for everyday use, I really felll in love with them :D