Friday, June 20

Taobao Haul + Review - Erfahrung

Just like with Dresslink I've got to know about Taobao from Youtube 
and since I heard it's even cheaper than Ebay I thought I'd give it a try.
The site itself is completely in Chinese so a translator can be really helpful.
Taobao doesn't ship international, therefor you have to use an agent to get it shipped to your country.
 I used Taobaoring since I heard good things about it.
More about Taobaoring and how to order from Taobao can be found here
And just  like always, from all the things I saw I only got two things,
but I hope you still like this mini haul :D

Man sagte mir Taobao ist eine chinesische Version von Ebay, nur günstiger,
 also dachte ich, das sollt ich mir mal anschauen.
Wie immer habe ich zwar nur zwei Dinge bestellt, doch ich hoff ihr mögt diesen kleinen Haul trotzdem.

Holographic Bag


Taobao review
I really love holographic bags, soo pretty~~

Taobao review

Taobao review

Taobao review

Taobao review

Taobao review

Taobao review
I mean conmon, how can you not love holographic stuff?? it's almost like the bag has a laser effect :O

It's supposed to be by Issey Miyake from his Baobao collection, but it's obliviously fake
 ( I'll get myself an original in the future)
I've been looking for a holographic bag for a while and then finally found this one. 
it's just truly beautiful I can't even imagine how amazing the original must be like :O
Eine sehr schöne Tasche, die ich zu 100% empfehlen kann.



Batwing Backpack


Taobao review
The batwing or devilswing on the bag are quite cute ^_^

Taobao review

Taobao review

This is not something I'd use very often, I seriously only brought it because it was really cheap (~10$).
 By now I actually regret buying it since even though the product itself was cheap, 
because of its weight it made me pay a lot more for shipping.

Neverthless besides the wings being a little bit out of form the bag is actually quite decent.
Also it's smaller than expected.

Süsser Rucksack, jedoch ist er kleiner als erwartet und die Flügel sind ein wenig flachgedrückt.


In the end I paid 87.63$ all incl. which is compared to Ebay where I'd paid about 110$ a lot cheaper, but if I  compare the final cost to another Chinese online store I have to say, I'd actually paid more.

Taobao Haul
Taobao vs Aliexpress
Aliexpress ( I never ordered from there, so I don't know much about their quality)

 Final thoughts

Taobao may appear really cheap at the first,
but adding costs like shipping and handling it's probably not much cheaper than other Chinese online stores.
Also, keep in mind that the site is completely in Chinese so you will have
to make extra efforts to find things you like or you are looking for.
However, the reason why I'll continue to shop from there (already put on my 2nd order ;D)
, is simply because the selection is just HUGE, you can pretty much find anything.
So if you are tired of seeing the same things in every asian online store or just want to experience a wider range of things,
(like make up, skincare, etc.)
this is definitely something for you^^


Zum Schluss kann ich sagen, dass wenn man alle Kosten zusammennimmt,  
Taobao nicht viel billiger ist, als andere asiatische Online Shops
Auch der Aufwand Dinge zu finden ist durch das Chinesisch erhöht.  
Da das Sortiment jedoch um einiges größer ist, als bei anderen Shops, kann ich Taobao all denen empfehlen, 
die gerne eine grosse Auswahl haben und sich den Aufwand auch nicht zu schade sind.
Ich auf jeden Fall habe dort schon meine zweite Bestellung aufgegeben;D
 Und falls ihr nun auch Interesse habt, von dort zu bestellen, ist eine kurze Anleitung hier zu finden^^

What was the last thing you had ordered online?
Was war das Letzte, was ihr online bestellt habt?

xo Roxi


  1. Hey, I'm trying to follow your blog but google isn't letting me right now :/

    1. I fixed it, thank you so much for the information and visiting my blog :D

  2. Ich hab selbst noch nie bei Taobao bestellt, einfach weil mir das ständige übersetzen zu mühsam ist. :( Außerdem gibt es auf eBay und Aliexpress ja wie du auch schon geschrieben hast ähnlich gute Angebote. Da zahl' ich lieber 10€ mehr. :) Ich hab' sowieso schon ein Auge auf diese Schuhe geworfen hehe. :)

    1. Haha ja das Übersetzen ist echt eine Sache für sich, ich habe zwar endlich den Bogen raus, aber es ist trotzdem noch sehr zeitaufwendig:/ Irgendwie scheit es, als ob ich spass daran hätte Dinge zu suchen, die ich noch nirgendwo gesehen hab :'D
      Auf jeden Fall habe ich nun entlich was bei Aliexpress bestellt, da die Seite einen wircklich guten Eindruck macht und ich dort gerne weiter Bestelllen würde~~
      Hast du schon man be Aliexpress bestellt? Ah und welche Schuhe? :)

  3. nice choices :) i really like the hologram bag also <3 i think I saw the batwing bag on , or :) they have really affordable funky stuff also and really cheap too

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, I've actually always wanted to try ordering something from :D
      Which store do you think is the best out of the 3? ^-^

  4. I really like both of those bags. They're super cute and look like they're good quality.

    1. Me too, I'm totally in love~~
      Thanks for visiting my blog :D

  5. These bags look awesome 〜〜(っ ॑꒳ ॑c)

    1. I think so too :D
      Thanks for paying my blog a visit ^-^

  6. I've heard of Taobao from my friend, though I never tried it before :o Maybe in the future I'll try it out for myself :) I love the holographic bag! It's so futuristic! lol.

    Strawberry Bunny

    1. I can totally recommend it since they have everything there, it also doesn't take too much of time to get a hang of it :D

  7. Wow I love your hologram bag! It's so unique.

    1. It really gets so much attention, but in a positive way, so I like it a lot ;D

  8. The first one is such a statement bag
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    1. Sorry I don't do FEs, but I'll check your blog out~
      Thanks for visiting^^