Tuesday, July 8

Drugstore Haul

I went to DM a week ago, which is a German drugstore,
 to get myself a few things I've been wanting to try. 
All these products cost probably more than double the price in Switzerland 
so I'm more than lucky to be able to get to Germany so easily :D

On my way there was this guy from Spain that kept bugging me for about half an hour >.< 
It started with him just laughing at my grey hair and my jelly shoes to him wanting to date me -.-
He wasn't even your average creppy old guy, but just around my age, I guess.
And like always when guys are bugging me, I tried to explain to him that I'm lesbian.
I wouldn't be surprised if that rumour went around my whole city since I use that way too much :'D
 He couldn't speak German all too well, so his face after he finally got it was just priceless xD 
But for my bad it didn't stop him from leaving, rather he tried to explain to me that he wasn't circumcised, 
like What The Hell??
So, following me all the way to the mall
he tried to persuade me into going to the toilette with him to have a 4 minutes make-out session... 
WHY some guys just can't take a no??? 
I really wish I was more aggressive by nature and slapped him the moment he made fun of my beloved hair!!! 
After I finally got rid of him at the mall, I decided to eat some sushi to put up my mood again
And I seriously wonder what the sales girls at the sushi place must have thought, 
after I told her I only wanted one pair of chopstick when the amount of sushi I brought was clearly for two x'D

So well let's get to the Haul ^_^

 1. L'oreal Studio Line Texturizing Spray 4.95€- I've  tried this once, but have yet to have an opinion about it

2. Catrice Prime & Fine Mattifying Powed Translusent 4.95€ - I need to try this more, the weather hasn't been so hot lately

3. Alverde Sun Kissed Highlighter 2.95€ - The effect is really natural, but it's really oily

4. Essence Eyepencil & Shadow 05 Cute Copper 2.45€ - I really like it so far

5. Manhatten Colour Splash Liquid Lip Tint Berlin Berry, My Mandarin 3.65€ - Love those ( read my review here)

6. Ebelin Kabuki Brush 4.95€ - I really like this one, it's super soft

7. Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Eyeshadow 750 New in Brown 2.75€ - it's really pretty rosegoldish colour ( review will follow)

8. Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil 100 Pearly Bird 2.25€ - Perfect to highlight the inner eye corner

9. Essence Eyebrow Designer 04 Blonde 1.45€ - Repurchase this all the time since it has a really nice ash tone

10. Essence Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof 2.45€ - The best, holds well, intensive black, super cheap!

11. Got2b Heat Protection Spray 2.95€ - I haven't tried it yet^^

 and that's it~

If you have any drugstore recommendation leave them down below, I'm always on the haunt for new things :D 

Also for those that have been wondering where the rest of my Japan/Korea trip is, 
I've been working on it, but I just don't seem to get satisfied :/ 
But a least don't worry I haven't forgotten them ^^

xo Roxi


  1. Die Catrice eyeshadow singles sind echt super! Von denen hab' ich auch ein paar, die sind voll gut pigmentiert! Ich frag mich grad selbst wieso ich sie eigentlich noch nicht reviewt hab.. ~ Die Farbe gefällt mir echt super, bin schon auf dein Review gespannt! Vielleicht hol' ich mir den dann auch.
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Ja will mir unbeding auch noch mehr von denen kaufen, dies ist mein erster und ich liebe ihn total :D

  2. how I wish we had catrice here, I heard good things about this affordable brand


    1. Yeah I'm really happy with this brand, since we probably don't have all the great stuff here you may have ;D

  3. love it!
    Great blog, so I'm a new follower :)
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. I don't do FEs, but I'll check your blog out~
      Thanks for visiting^^