Sunday, July 6

Quaterlife Crisis?

I've been really out of luck lately... I broke my phone and all my data are gone T.T
 Yes goodbye to all the outfit posts I've planned to do,
 goodbye to all the awesome picture I took on my class trip in Madid, 
and pretty much just any picture I've taken since last October.....

I've also been fighting with my friend really badly, and since I usually just don't care in the end, 
I wonder how this will go.... 

Besides that and many small things I've just graduated from....ehhmm...High School? 
Well I'm 20 which I guess is a bit too old for High school, 
so rather than just HS it was a one-year course at an art school to get an extra high school diploma. 
But now I'm at a point again where I don't know what to do...  
Even though I'm an art major I don't really know if I want to continue in that field 
so I thought about changing to an economic engineer. 
Now the problem there is I have to do a one-year Internship to get accepted to the university, 
but I just can't find a place that offers an internship to a student that doesn't have a bachelor or any kind of experience yet... 

and then I started wondering why I would want to be an economic engineer?? 
Of course I like mathematics, well I love it, but am I really passionate about being an engineer? 
Is it just because I want to prove others that I'm smart, or that I want to prove myself that I'm smart...? 
I started asking myself these questions, and I just can't find the right answer, 
but a right answer probably doesn't exist.

In the end I tried to look for other things I could do, and as you may have noticed from me writing this blog,
 I really like fashion and beauty, so I thought about majoring in fashion outside of Switzerland. 
I looked into fashion schools in Tokyo,but calculating tuition fee, cost for living etc. 
 it would be about 100'000$ for 4 years of fashion study 
and 1 year Japanese language class to even get accepted to the school. 
Now my family is by far not rich so I'd have to make up for it myself, working 2-3 years before I could go.
 So, I would be 28 by the time I'd finished my studies, 
while some people are already married or even have children at that age. 

It seriously gives me a headache thinking about it when I should be enjoying my holidays right now.....

 Well besides all that, the year I spent at the art school was quite nice
since I've got to meet a whole bunch of people I started to really like :D

So, instead of thinking on how stressful my undecided future could be,
I rather think about all those nice people I could meet and already met. 

This pretty much shows exactly the two thoughts I'm torn between :'D

YES SIR and that's a wrap for now~~~~

If you have any tips for my situation or a similar story please be sure to share it we me^-^

xo Roxi 


  1. Hi Roxi^^ I can relate a lot to your problem atm, I'm only 17 but here in England that's when Colleges start putting a lot of pressure on us to choose a University and decide what we want to do~ Thing is Universities are so expensive, even not very good ones, so I don't know if I should work first and then go, or if I should go first and hope I get a good job straightaway to pay of the debt*-*

    I also would love to study abroad like you, but again the cost and organisation needed is crazy! If my dreams come true I will go to a University where I can study Linguistics with Korean in London and then spend the second year abroad in S.Korea organised by the Uni. But what are the chances of that happening haha>.< Thanks for sharing your story though, nice to know I'm not alone^^ x

    I'd love to stay in contact, would you like to follow eachother on GFC/Bloglovin? If you do then come leave a comment on my blog post so I can come follow you back^^

    1. My friend went to korea for half a year to learn Korean and she likes it a lot, so I really wish you well and hope you also get that chance. But yeah it tottaly feel you, it can be so depressing>.<

  2. The link is by the way(: x

  3. Hey Roxi,
    Mach dir nicht zu viele Sorgen! Ich bin diesen Juni auch graduated und wusste noch nicht recht was ich nun weiter tun soll. Im Endeffekt hab' ich mich für ein Anglistik und Amerikanistik Studium entschieden, weil es das ist, was ich im Moment am meisten und am liebsten tue. Was ich mit dem Bachelor in 2 Jahren weiter mache weiß ich allerdings noch nicht.
    Ich glaub jedenfalls, dass sich früher oder später für uns sicher etwas passendes ergeben wird.
    Ärgerlich ist es natürlich, dass die ganzen Fotos jetzt weg sind, mich ärgert soetwas auch immer schrecklich.
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Und wie ich das hoffe, ich wünsche mir nichts mehr als was zu finden an dem ich Spass dran habe, hätt nie gedach, dass das so schwierig sein wird. Aber vielen dank fürs Aufmuntern. Wünsch dir auch alles Gute bei deinem Studium^^

  4. The crossroads of life is most of the time, the most difficult to overcome. I think you should really think about what you wanna do for the rest of your life. Maybe travel for a few weeks and find yourself to help stimulate your thoughts on your future more? I honestly didn't know what I wanted to take up in college back when I was in high school. I thought I was gonna go for psychology and be a psychiatrist to help people with their problems, but then I shifted to my first love, arts. I guess I just needed some help realizing what I really wanted to do with my life. You can ask help from your friends and family too. :) Hope you get to figure out what you really wanna do soon!

    Strawberry Bunny

    1. Yeah I think now it's quite the important time now. I don't even need to do anything big in the future, just something that can fill my life with a little bit more happiness. Just like you I actually wanted to be a doctor at first and the switched over to arts, it's probably because they are completely diffrent from each other that I'm quite confused right now, but as you said I'll just take some time now to get a thoughtfull decision, thanks a lot^^

  5. Oh no! I know how it feels to have lost your phone. Almost feels like you lost a part of you, a part of your life. Coupled with everything that's happening, it could not have came at a worse time. Is there no hope for the files on your phone? If they're stored in a thumb drive, they could still be recovered. If you're pursuing art school, those could have been handy. I hope you get to recover those files, and figure out what to do in the future, Roxi!

    Clara Brooks @ Telco World

    1. I guess this is the first time in years where I wished I had an Iphone where everthing always gets synchonized with your PC, but sadly it's gone for good. Well at least I'll be more carefull from now one, but thanks a lot^^

  6. I'm sorry for you losing your phone. This would be one of the most teribble things that could ever happen to me. ><
    But I hope you enjoyed your time in Madrid.

    I know how you feel. I don't know how my future is ought to look like by myself. There is simply nothing I would enjoy that much to go on studying it. I feel like I'm lost in all this and I can't find a propper solution. But you're right. Maybe there is no propper solution, but rather a propper decision. I think you should follow your dreams and stuck to things that make you happy. Like your friends and family, and find a way that enables you to get a good job and enjoy the things you like.

    1. I think what makes it even harder, is the feeling that everybody around you is moving forwards while you are kind of stuck, so I'm kind of glad to see that I'm not the only one struggling (allthough that's kind of a bad to think about). I really hope we can both find something we really like in the future, thanks a lot^^