Saturday, August 30

Taobao Haul - Cheapagency Review

Yeah I know yet another Taobao haul, but as I mentioned before, 
I really wanted to try a different Taobao agent to get a comparison, so after Cheapagency contacted me, 
I appreciatively took the opportunity.
I didn't get a lot of things, but hope you still like it ;D

Long Hollow Lace Cardigan


Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul
The altered Stylenanda name had me laughing :'D

Taobao Haul
I've been looking for this one on Ebay and Aliexpress, but never found it in the right size. 
The pattern is absolutely gorgeous, so I really like it overall. 
The material is kind of itchy though and it also has some holes, but they don't bother me that much. 

Blue PVC Skater Skirt


blue pvc skirt

blue pvc skirt

blue pvc skirt

Sexy Queen is brand you find on Aliexpress by now, but it's still pricier. 
This is already my second PVC skirt and I absolutely love it. 
Even though it doesn't fall as nicely as my other one, the quality is just lovely. 
However, I wish I had gotten a smaller size, but I just had to worry about it being too short :/

Fake Eyelashes (Top L, Top R, Bottom)


fake eyelashes

I love those eyelashes, I really wish I'd brought more. 
If you have longer eyelashes, then the top lashes are probably too short for you, 
 but the bottom lashes are just amazing, they give such a natural, but flawless look to your eyes.

Oversized Circle Glasses

oversized circle glasses 

I think these kinds of glasses have been around for a while now, so I wanted to give them a try too.
Sadly, even though I spent hours looking for ones in a really big size, the round shape doesn't look very flattering on me. Nevertheless the overall quality is quite nice, so I can still recommend these.

I paid around 10$ per item, which is quite nice considering I would have paid 60$ on Aliexpress for the skirt and cardigan alone^^

Cheapagency  Review

cheapagency review

taobao cost calculator
Cost Calculator

chinese taobao keywords
Chinese Keywords

cheapagency order
Very good site structure as well as a nice chat function

Overall I really like it since none of the things I'd criticized about Taobaoring appeared here. 
 The only things I found a bit bothersome was that you had to add details like colour or size as a remark
 instead of being able to choose options. 
Another point is that you can't pay directly, but have to transfer the money to your account first. 
Also, I wished they would send a notification mail, after all the items have arrived, 
so you know when to choose your delivery options.
But besides that I want to point out some things I really like. 
One of those is definitive the cost calculator that even though it may not be exact 
can help getting an overview of your planned purchase. 
Also the chat option behind every item, makes communication really fast and easy. 
In addition to that provides the site things like weight estimation and Chinese keywords, 
which can make your shopping on Taobao a lot easier. 
Finally the 6% service fee they have at the moment is quite awesome, 
so if you think of ordering a bigger amount you may want to do it now.
I don't think I'll order from Taobao again any time soon, but if I do I'll most likely use this agent again.

 xo Roxi
Disclaimer: Even though I was sponsored, these are all my honest thoughts!


  1. Wow ich mag den blauen Rock! Sieht echt cute aus und man kann ihn auch mit so vielen anderen Sachen kombinieren.

    Toller kauf;)
    Lg Mercy

    1. Ja er ist so toll kombinierbar, bin wirklich froh über den Kauf. Dankeschön :D