Friday, August 15

Summer Taobao Haul

Just like I mentioned a while ago I put on a second Taobao order using Taobaoring as an agent again. 
Just like the first time everything went well with no problems, 
so here I am sharing with you my few gets ;D


Taobao Haul
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Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

This is a really nice army blouse, it has some threads that look out here and there, 
but overall it's quite nicely made.

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

Love this one, it is super see-through, so it looks amazing thrown over pretty much anything.
 If you are wearing a bit of a low cut shirt, hot pants or just a crop top, this tones down the outfit so fine, 
making it less revealing, but still super edgy looking :D

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

I think this is my least favorite clothes buy, not because of the cut since it falls really nice,
 but rather because of its colour. 
I usually love anything grey, but this is kind of a dirty grey, like it's some kind of faded color, 
you get from washing it over years or by chance putting some black socks to your white stuff in the washing machine :/
 But well that may just be me.
Also, since you can get it in different colours, it shouldn't be too much of a problem for others though^^

Strap Skirt

Taobao Haul
cr. taobao

I forgot to take a picture of this one, but it looks exactly like the picture above.
The reason I put on this whole order was simply because of this skirt,
but I'm really disappointed since it's way too short.
One the site it's says it's 42cm long, but it's only 35cm long :/
 I really can't recommend this useless you are super short..


Taobao Haul

Compared to my last order, I also got some beauty items this time, which are all from the same store.
The blushes and the lipstick are all listed as Stylenanda products, 
but looking at the price they're most likely fake.
I still got them because the colours looked really pretty^^
They also send me a free hair band and a eyeliner, soo nice :D

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

I got those in an orange (#007) and a pink (#003) shade. 
I do like the pink blush a bit better since the pigmentation is really nice and so much better than the orange one.
Although they are a bit harder to blend, colour-wise they are both super pretty, 
so I can recommend them a lot ^^

Taobao Haul

Definitve my least favorite buy, the colour is completely different from what the lipstick looks like, 
almost no colour payoff and doesn't hold any 15 minutes. 
The only positive point is that it's not drying,
 but even with that, the lipstick is just so tiny that it's really not worth any penny.

Fiber Eyelid Tape

Taobao Haul

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but besides my eyelids being quite hooded, they're also uneven, 
so I like to use eyelid tape from time to time, if it really bugs me^^
These are the ones you pull from both sides and then use the string in the middle. 
I was pleasantly surprised on how long these hold up, 
since I have really oily lids and these are no brand ones. 
Totally recommend for those that are looking for some cheap eyelid tap to start with.


Taobao Haul

They don't really protect your eyes from the sun, 
but overall these are super cute and really nice quality,

Transparent Sunglasses

Taobao Haul

Taobao Haul

I really love these, they are also really good quality and look just so stylish!

Metallic Nail Art Sticker

Taobao Haul

The last thing I got were those nail sheets that you put only your nails to get space-like effects.
 I haven't used them yet, but the colours look exactly like they were advertised online, 
so I like them so far.

I paid around 7$ per item which made me quite satisfied.

And that's it already, I hope you liked it :D

I also got some stuff from Roseroseshop, Vitacost and Aliexpress, 
but I'm not sure if I should do a collective haul yet.
What do you think?^^

xo Roxi


  1. Cool! We also bought those sunglasses recently!!! From ebay though ><

    Also love that strap skirt! Really cute <3

    Emi and Lea

  2. I saw those sunnies from Claire's when I was in the US recently, pretty cute! I also love that camo-print sheer top. *thumbs up* ;)

    Strawberry Bunny

    1. I'm pretty weak when it comes to cute things, so I just had to buy these~~
      Thanks :D