Friday, February 20

Neo Cosmo Chagall Review

The most natural circle lenses, Neo Cosmo Chagall, Review
Probably one of the last posts you'll see me with grey hair T.T

As you may know by now, I'm cursed with small eyes, so I'm always looking for contact lenses that can kind of  enhance them without looking unnatural. 
I brought some contact lenses in Korea last year that looked even better than my Geo BC 102 lenses
so I've been spending a lot of time trying to find the same or a similar one after I had returned. 
I finally managed to get my hands on the Neo Cosmo Chagall lenses, which are truly amazing.
I brought them on Honeycolor for 23.92 + 5$ shipping.
 It was my first time buying from them and I was overall  pleased. 
Now on to my review^^

Power Available : 0.00 to -8.00
Diameter : 14.2mm
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 45%
Life Span : 1 Year
Manufacturer : Neo Vision

neo cosmo chagall, honeycolor review
They also came with a free animal case^^

natural circle lenses

Natural Light From The Front ( Right side without a lens)

neo vison chagall review

 Natural Light From The Front

neo vison chagall black review

neo vison chagall black review

 Natural Light From The Side

neo vison chagall review

With Flash

neo vison chagall review




The design of these are truly amazing. They don't a harsh limbal ring like other black lenses I've seen, 
but instead has its dark colour smooth out towards the middle, making it super natural looking.
neo chagall review


Even though its colour is said to be black, it's more of a soft black/dark brown. 
Since the contact itself is quite sheer, it would probably blend well with every eye colour.
neo chagall review


Since they are only 14.2mm in diameter the enlargement is quite subtle even on my smaller eyes, 
so if you are looking for contacts that give you big dolly eyes, these are not for you.
neo chagall review


These are super comfortable and don't try out fast since they have quite the high water content.
 I've worn these up to 8 hours with no problems.
neo chagall review


These are my new favorite lenses, great for everyday wear or just when you want to give your eyes a little extra touch. 
Also they are by far the most natural looking lenses I've ever tried.
neo chagall review

Taobao lashes, Taobao eyelid tape, grey hair, Neo cosmos chagall circle lenses
I'm wearing my new  Taobao lashes and  eyelid tape^^

What do you think?
Also if you got some contact lens recommandations, please leave them as a comment ;D

xo Roxi

Tuesday, February 17

I'm back - Japan, Korea again & New Hair

I don't know what's always happening at this time of the year, 
but I now also missed my second blog anniversary.......

Well first of all I'm really sorry for being absent for so long again, 
but now that I'm back I got some super exciting news for you!! 
Well to make it short, I'll be going to Japan for 4.5 months starting in April. 
Yes you heard right, my feels are over the moon right now, 
I still can't believe it :
I'll be going to Korea for one week again 
and I'm also planning to visit Shanghai at the end of June. 
But I'll definitely tell you more about it later. 
Well actually I'm kind of ashamed to tell you this as I still haven't finished my blogging about the previous trip. 


Also, I changed my hair again. 
Even though I absolutely loved my grey hair because of work I had to change it to something natural. 
What do you think?

from grey to brown hair
I know you can't see that much of the hair:'D

Well that's it for now I'm again really sorry and thank you so much for staying with me!!

xo Roxi

PS: Since it was my blogs 2nd anniversary I'll be doing a giveaway soon, so keep an eye out for that.