About me

Name: Roxana
Nickname: Roxi
Age: 20
Location: Switzerland
Occupation: Art Student
Languages: Swiss German, German, English, French ( I should at least:')), Japanese (3 years)
One word: Lazy
Three words: Lazy as f***
Relationship status: Forever alone T.T
Likes: Japanese and Korean fashion, make-up and hair, rainy days, traveling, sleeping, movies, dramas, basketball & dancing
Dislike: Cooked vegetables, egoist people, spiders, high places, the cold
Guilty Pleasure: Manga, which genres? Just take guesses kekek (please leave me some recommendations^^)
Style: Feminin & Edgy
Favorite brands: Anything that looks good (and is cheap :'D) 
Current obsession: Reading blogs 
Favorite drink: Fanta Lemon, Sangria 
Favorite food: Sushi & Ramen, Tiramisu 

Heigth: 180cm / 5'11''
Weight: Heavier than you think....
Bodytype: Big upper part, small waist, big ass ( why does this sound so much better than it actually is?haha)
Body complexes: Fat jelly arms and legs, big head
Cloth Sizes: Tops: M Pants: L Skirts: S/M
Shoe Size: EU 41

Skin type: Oily
Foundation shade: Mac NC 44, Revlon Colorstay in Toast
Powder shade: Mac MSN in Dark
BB Cream: Missha Perfect Cover No 31
Skin condition: Breakouts & acne scaring
Face complexes: Big nose, puffy undereye bags, small eyes

Hair type: Thick heavy curls, now relaxed
Hair length: Over the shoulders and clip-in extensions
Hair color: Dark Brown, now grey
Hair condition: D.E.A.D.

Camera: Canon 500D, Samsung Galaxy S4
Editing Program: Photoscape

Thanks for reading my blog and I'll be really happy if you leave me a comment^^

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